My first day of blogging!

Well! I am sort of excited yet I really don’t know what is mean by blogging or blog! Let it be… 😛 I am gonna share my thoughts and ideas of my life! Hope at least one comments me back! Lolzz … My family doesn’t know that I created a new blogging fingers crossed!!

I m Kavitha Ramesh,19. I am an archer! I started my archery life at d age of 16…Yes! That’s too late to begin your sports life(Especially in India). I am a Mathematics student! I do love Maths but I love Biology more.. coming back to archery life,I won state championships,All India championship….Its not a big deal actually! Believe me!

I joined gym for my fitness! I enjoy working-out! But I am being to lazy to go…..

Enough for my first day!! 😀 😀